Alias/Synonym: Plasma Cell and Epithelial Subset, Syndecan-1

CPT Code: 88342

Specimen Type, Preferred:
Formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue
Specimen Type, Alternate:
Sample Quantity, Preferred:
1 block
2 slides
Sample Quantity, Minimum:
Transport Container:
Paraffin block
Unstained slides
Transport Temperature:
Room temperature
Collection Instructions:
Block and slide identifiers should be clearly written and match exactly with the specimen ID and specimen labeling as noted on the requisition.
Slides should be positively charged and cut at 3-4 microns for each stain/antibody ordered.
Specimen Stability:
Rejection Criteria:
No liquid specimens.
Uncharged slides
Clinical Significance:
CD138, syndecan-1, is a transmembrane proteoglycan with a main cellular expression in stratified and simple epithelia. Within the hemopoietic system, CD138 is mainly confined to late stages of B-cell differentiation. CD138 expression is reduced during malignant transformation of various epithelia, and CD138 is rapidly shed by myeloma cells entering into apoptosis. This antibody is a useful aid for classification of multiple myeloma. Anti-CD138 may also be useful for the sub classification of diffuse large B-cell lymphomas.
Turnaround Time:
1 day(s)
Reference Ranges: