Pathline Labs Doubles Testing Capacity for COVID-19, Adds Major Clients Throughout U.S.

Pathline Labs, a leading provider of sub-specialized anatomic pathology, has expanded their COVID-19 testing capabilities across the country while maintaining a 24-36-hour turnaround time for processing.

The tests available through Pathline Labs are administered via nasal/oropharyngeal swab. They can be completed with results returned within 24-36 hours. Tests are available to hospitals, nursing homes, surgery centers, businesses, and other clients nationally.

“As children go back to school, offices reopen and certain activities return to normal, we doubled testing capabilities at our lab to help keep people safe and healthy,” said Frank Moser, CEO of Pathline Labs. “We take this responsibility seriously and work to ensure the COVID-19 test we provide is highly accurate. We are confident we can maintain these quick turnaround times through the fall.”

Pathline Labs now provides COVID-19 testing for Affiliated Physicians, a national network of physician practices, among other regional hospital systems, research centers, and nursing homes.

The New York-licensed company altered operations to become a 24/7 COVID-19 testing facility in April. They can now successfully process thousands of specimens per day as long as critical testing supplies remain available.

Pathline Labs Medical Director Gregory S. Henderson, MD, Ph.D. oversaw the Thermo Fisher COVID-19 test development, which is FDA-approved with an accuracy rate of 99 percent or higher.

Dr. Henderson is the former Vice Chairman of Outreach Pathology and Laboratory Medicine for the Mount Sinai Health System in New York and is the American Pathology Foundation’s Past President. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University Medical School, where he received both an MD and a Ph.D. in immunology. Henderson completed residencies at Johns Hopkins Hospital, University of Utah and ARUP Reference Laboratories and fellowship training at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He is a nationally recognized expert in pulmonary pathology, immunopathology, breast, and gynecologic pathology.

About Pathline Labs
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